Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wow it has been a long time since I wrote last! Let's just say that things around here have been crazy! First last weekend was great!! I was staying in Manhattan excited to go to the home basketball game. The weekend started really good, by having dinner, and going to a movie with some of my friends. Then Saturday, we played at home against Missouri, our rivals. I love home basketball games, there is nothing like the atmosphere in Manhattan on game days. Besides the game nothing really excited was going on, until we were at the game. One of my friends, came to the game! Can we say Surprise!!! I had no clue that he was coming down to spend the weekend! Sunday, we decided to play golf (hit balls on the range), which is NOT my hidden talent! Oh well I will stick to driving the golf cart!

This past week, was filled with stress, tears, and upsets. The first upset happened on Sunday, (I should have known it was going to be a long week), when the USA hockey team lost to Canada in overtime. I have discovered that I really like hockey and I got really into the game. Well then on Tuesday I had a horrible day! Between roommate issues, and stress of school, Tuesday was NOT my day, but I was able to recover by drowning my sorrows with Taco Bell, food always makes everything so much better! Wednesday I was really excited for the Ku, K-state game! I was hoping that they could pull out a win, even though KSU was playing at Ku I still thought we could do it, unfortunately we lost. No we got killed! It was yet another upset! The week did get a little better, when I watched the Office (lets just say I have an obsession/addiction to this show!), and the Halpert baby was born, it was a great episode. Then on Friday me and Alyssa decided to go to Topeka to do a little shopping, for California! It was just what I needed, I love using shopping as therapy. Well Saturday was yet another upset when K-state lost to Iowa state, in overtime! It was pretty depressing! Although, I was able to get a picture with one of the seniors and my favorite player, Denis Clemente! I <3 him!!!

I am so glad that was week was over, and am looking forward to this week. Even though I have a TON to do, and it is going to overwhelming and stressful, I am leaving for California on Friday! I am sooo super excited!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Would you like to donate!?

Tonight was the annual K-State telefund, since I am going for Elementary Education, I was calling of the College of Education for K-State.
When I first signed up for this, I didn't quit know what to expect, but I was pretty excited. My brother Blake had done one before, and the way he sounded at first made it sound like it would be tons of fun. Until I actually talked to him and Lacey about it. Well, ha fun was not exactly what they had said. Oh no, that is definitely not their reaction!
The first thing Blake said was, "Oh those can be sooo boring, unless you have a friend!" Lacey, then mentions that ya it wasn't all that fun! Especially Thursdays because everyone has been called. Guess what night I was calling on! Yep, thats right Thursday!
I had my typical Thursday, not too crazy, but Thursday nights I enjoy because I don't have night class, I call them my "Me nights." This telefund went from 5:30 until 9, now I'm too happy, I have homework to do, I just want to have my "Me night!" Well going into it I definitely wasn't too excited, especially since I only knew one girl going to be there!
Well, this thought changed right away, when I walk in and smell oh so delicious pizza!! Ya they feed you, lots and lots of food! It was GREAT! Free food, plus drinks, and snacks, yes, my mood attitude was changing about this telefund!
However, half through, I seriously got no pledges, and only one person had answered, and it was a friend I called at the very beginning, as my practice call, and I even forgot to ask for a donation! Which I called back later, and of course he didn't answer!! LAME I know! Well, after calling several people I decide to call my parents, they would donate right? Nope not this time, my mom even said, "Man you are so pushy, no wonder you don't have any pledges!" Thanks mom for the confident booster!
Well after calling, I don't even know how many people! I finally got my first pledge, 20 dollars!! I was sooo excited! I even told the lady that she made my night because she was my first pledge. I was running out of people to call, when I called my parents back, not thinking they would donate. But daddy surprised me and donated 20 dollars as well! I was now up to 40 dollars. This night wasn't looking too bad after all!
Well even though I only raised 40 dollars, I walked out of there with a free box of frosted flakes, a free t-shirt and a few free coupons to restaurants! I will say that it was a successful night, and yes I would have to say that I did have fun! I will probably do it again!
So, if you get a call asking for money for the College of Education for K-State, don't be surprised if it isn't me!!! Hope everyone is having a great week! Tomorrow is Friday~Girls night!!!!!
Oh by the way, just as an update! I am now up to 311 friends on fb, which mean I am only 98 away from catching up to my friend!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Facebook war!

Facebook is a college student's best friend! If you are bored in class, or trying to procrastinate on homework, it is a really good time waster. I have spent (and I am not admitting this with lots of pride), but I have spent hours upon hours on facebook. Wether it be chatting with friends or playing games, several hours can be wasted on facebook, which could be either a good or a negative thing. It all depends on our perspective!

You won't be surprised to find out that for me, facebook is a very positive thing! I honestly don't think I could go a day without checking my facebook, it is probably one of the first thing I do when I turn on my computer first thing in the morning. I check my facebook, and e-mail, but of course facebook comes first! I think that it is an unhealthy addiction. However, the question if I have a serious facebook addiction is not the issue at hand.

On facebook, there are certain games that you can play, some include, bejeweled blitz, tetris, text twist, scrabble, just to name a few, and yes these are the games that I normally play. However, there are more, in which people can send you things about, such as Farmville, Mafia Wars, and I keep getting notifications about these certain games, and requests, and gifts! This is probably one of the things that drive me crazy!!! I don't play these games, and Mafia Wars, I don't even know what that is! But my brother, Blake, he is literally obsessed with both of these games. The other night when I was home, he asked to borrow my computer, and he said I need it ASAP! I thought maybe he forgot to do an assignment, so I give him my computer, he takes this deep sigh and says oh thanks I need to harvest my grapes!!! I was just speechless! He made it sounded like an absolute emergency, but if he didn't harvest those grapes, that was going to be so much FICTIONAL money that he wag going to lose!! Also, one day, he was bragging about how much money he had in Farmville, and how much money he had in Mafia Wars. I don't have the heart to tell him that it is just a game, and that it has no affect on his life, because I'm sure that would just crush him!!!

Another thing about facebook, is the number of friends. This recently came up, when I noticed that a friend of mine (who is only 14), has exactly 100 more friends than I do!!! I am a pretty social person, so I am still completely curious how a 14 year old has way more friends than I do! Then this started becoming an obsession of mine, I have started checking everyone's friends number count. Silly I know, but now I have started to add more people, it really has become an obsession. Although, within the last week I have only gotten like 2 new friends!!!

But this to me means WAR!!! People have made of me for this, but I am bound and determined to get at least caught up to this friend! Although, I don't see this happening, since every time I get one friend he gets 4 to match it! But still, I am going to keep adding people, and making new friends!! One day, I will catch up!

If you don't have a facebook, I encourage you to get one, it really is a great way to keep in contact with old friends, and new friends as well. If you do get a facebook, be sure to add me! I would like to see that number keep going up! I know one day I will look at this and laugh, and say wow I was so weird, but until that time, I am still going to try and obtain as many friends, who will add me :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

No use in crying over spilled Margarita!

Alyssa and I have started to drink non-alcohol Margaritas, it is one of our favorite things to do. We normally drink them on Mondays, deeming Mondays as "Margarita Monday," it is really a nice relaxing thing to do, since no one really enjoys Mondays. It makes the day a little more bearable, and gives a chance to relax, after a day at school and work. Especially with the Olympics on, we usually drink Margaritas and watch the Olympics, while talking and doing homework.

Well last night (Sunday), we were just hanging out in my apartment, when she looks over and says I am going to fix me a Margarita. Even though its not Monday, I really want one. I said oh me too! So with our margaritas fixed we sit on the couch watching curling, and relaxing. Well this relaxation time was short lived, when I went to go put my feet up on the coffee table, and it knocks her drink over. We both jump into action! I go to get paper towels to clean it up, and she just says I can't believe you tipped it over. We get it all cleaned up, and she says I' going to fix me another one, since I only got one drink out of that one!

She gets a second margarita fixed, and comes back into the living room, she sets it on the coffee table, and says I am going to put it over here so you and your big feet won't knock it over! Yet again, this relaxing was short lived, when she got up to get something, and as she was getting it up, she knocks her drink over again!

I just laughed!!!! It was hilarious!!! I was laughing so hard I couldn't even breathe! She was not very happy, and she was throwing the biggest temper tantrum/fit that I have ever heard a 20 year old throw! It was seriously one of the funniest things ever! She just kept saying I can't believe this, I blame you for this, she also said we shouldn't have drank them, its not "Margarita Monday!" The drink spilt on the carpet, so she goes to get stuff to clean it up (I couldn't even help her I was laughing so hard!) As she is cleaning it up off of the floor, she looks over at me and says "I hope that you step in this and it isn't dry!" This made me laugh even harder, I thought, wow that is one of the best threats I have ever heard!!
After the mess was cleaned up, and she was not as mad (although there is still some hostility there!), she fixed herself another one, and this time she set it on the floor out of the way, and when she finished it she said, "YES! I was able to get more than 2 sips out of this one before it spilled!"

People say no use in crying over spilled milk, but this time around I think it should be no use in crying over spilled over Margarita! Especially since I was laughing so hard!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snowy Sunday!

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!!!
Yep, today was a snow afternoon in Kansas, which for me that means a day to just relax with sweats, a big baggy sweatshirt, a big glass of hot coco, and movies all afternoon!!! Which is pretty much what I did, and a great long nap was also included. But before I was able to curl up and watch movies, me my bother and his fiance had to drive 2 hours back from home. No big deal right? Well under normal conditions, it isn't but when you have to drive through snow, sleet and ice, it tends to have some people on edge!

Normally, we wouldn't leave home, until around 1 or 2, but my brother informs me last night, that we are going to leave early this morning, so we can hopefully avoid really bad weather. This would have been possible if "all our ducks would have been in a row." With about an hour delay we were finally able to get on the road around 10.

The roads weren't too bad, until we hit Topeka, which is about an hour from Manhattan, under normal conditions! However, today is was about an 1 and 45 minutes! With passenger and driver on edge, it can make for an interesting car ride. Especially, when on the opposite side of the road you see an ice scrapper truck overturned, and several wrecks and cars in the ditch. I have learned in my 19 yrs of age that when you freak it makes the driver uneasy and it makes for an even longer car ride. So I just chilled out in the back seat, and let Lacey take the reigns and make sure Blake was driving safely! I would have to say that she did a pretty good job, considering that we didn't wreck of even slide. I guess that Blake should get some credit to since he did drive!

Well after about a 3 hour car ride, which normally takes 2 hours, we made it safely back to Manhappy! It was finally time for me to curl up and relax! It was the perfect way to spend my Sunday. A nice relaxing unstressful day, then Ihop with a friend, and a really good movie was a great ending to a snowy Sunday!

Oh however, for those of you who are sick and tired of the snow, like I normally am, Spring Break is only 18 days away!! I am so excited for Spring weather! Oh and California!!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yes PARTY!! Oh does my family know how to party! Every year my family plans the annual "February birthday parties." Which according to my brother Blake "This is just as big as Thanksgiving and Christmas for the family!" In February my family has 7 people who have birthdays, so instead of having individual parties, we all get together and go out for dinner. It is a great time for the family to get together, and we have an excuse to eat great food, and cake! What could get any better than that!?

This year we had about 25 people in attendance, talk about a great time!! Especially since I haven't seen everyone in a month, the first thing to do is "make the rounds." This includes talking to everyone getting caught up on everything going on in everyone's life, besides the food, this is probably one of the best things!
Oh since I keep talking about food, I should tell you what we had! One of my favorites, barbeque!! YUMMY!!! Not to mention, the cheesecake, cake, brownies, and cookies! If my family wasn't so incredible I would still just go for the food!! However, I go for both family and food!

If you can't tell I am very family oriented, in my opinion, family is one of the greatest treasures in life. People will come and go, whether it be friends, relationships etc. but your family will always be your family! They will always be there for you and to support you (well at least my family) I am very blessed to have a great family. Not just an immediate family, but my extended family is awesome as well!!! They are very supporting, and definitely know how to have fun, you should see when my dad and uncle get together, but that is a different time and place!

Even though the party was a ton of fun, the night got even better when we watched K-State's boys basketball win, Love those Wildcats!!! Hope everyone is having as good of a weekend that I am, and that you too are able to enjoy your family!!

P.S. Congratulations to Eric and Jessica, and Chris and Johnnie, both found out that they are having a baby!!! : )

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My crazy fun life!!

After reading my future sister in law's blog, I felt inspired to write my own!
First thing is the name of the blog "talk box," for those who know me very well, know that I am a very talkative individual, and it is hard to get me to be quiet, me and silence don't get along very well! A few weekends ago me and a good friend (Alyssa), went to Hutch to visit some of her friends. A few of the friends I had never met, after meeting me, Travis, says "Wow you talk a lot, I think I am just going to call you Talk box!" The name has stuck, that is where the name came from!
Now, I am a sophomore in college working on getting my degree in Elementary Education, after having a really rough semester last fall, between dealing with roommate, and friend issues, family crisis, and job issues, I decided that this semester was going to be different. With a new job, new friends, and a new class schedule, I was ready to tackle this semester with a great big smile, and a positive attitude!

About this new class schedule in new job. Thanks to Lacey Madden, I was able to get a job watching a five, well soon to be six month old baby. However, I watch her during the day, therefore, I had to make my class schedule fit with this. This semester I am taking 16 hrs. which is a lot more compared to the 12hrs I took last semester. YIKES!!! Well with a lot of rearranging and sweet talking Alyssa into helping me out, I managed to make it work, the kicker though, three nights a week I have night class!! Talk about a hectic schedule, I am constantly running around like a chicken with my head cut off! I go from school to work back to school. It has been going rather well. However, things do not go so well when classes have to be rescheduled, which is what happened to me tonight!
My art class which is normally on Tuesday nights got rescheduled to tonight (Thursday), needless to say I wasn't very happy, and it made for one crazy night!! Alyssa and I are planning on a trip to California over spring break, we are both really excited, and we thought it would be fun to go to Disney Land. Well we both decided to save some money and do the Disney give a day get a day, not only are we saving money but we are also giving back, which is a bonus! Well guess what night that fell on? Yep! Tonight, so, my class starts at 4:00, we are suppose to volunteer at 4:00 and I don't get off until 4:30, well after doing some talking and rearranging, I was able to get off at 3:45 (I have the best boss!), then I went and got Alyssa, went to class, and then went back to volunteer. Crazy I know!!

Well I was able to get everything done, after getting dirty, having to stand on a ladder, and falling down because of carpet, I was able to volunteer, and get to class, although I did have to sneak out of class early shh don't tell!! I would like to say that this day is one out of the ordinary, however, this is a typical day! Going in every different direction, but it keeps me busy and on my toes, and wouldn't change it for a thing!!

P.S. Anyone been watching the Olympics?! Curling is the greatest!!! Have a great weekend!!!